Travel as Inspiration

When I travel, the adventure gives me an opportunity for renewal of vision.  A chance to see new things and experience different communities.  Going to Portland, Oregon is a subtle change from the ordinary.  Enough to revive this woman's heart and spirit.  Art and poetry require energy and getting away once and awhile really makes a difference. 

Forest dwelling

Forest dwelling

A forest has many faces

The daylight plays upon the surface

Leaves and flowers open, skyward

But at night, the unseen moves

Traveling along the holes and crevices

Communing with earth's mysteries

Magic inside the dark, the quiet, deep down

We are like the forest

A collection of light and shadow, complete and connected

The Red Queen

A Digital Piece: The Red Queen, and my thoughts on ruling.....


 The Red Queen holds power.  She is magical and powerful.  She is neither good nor evil, but knows both.  She is comfortable with all of life and does not fear death.  Fearless, she rules absolutely.  She must be more than a king.  For a man must simply rule, a Queen must hypnotize those around her and must hold people in awe of her.  She must maintain her mystery, her mythology deeply protected by her most trusted.  Being a Queen is not easy, no not easy at all...