So I'm getting ready for an art show.  It has definitely been a strange journey for me as this year has been a challenge of my health both mental and physical.  But as the Universe would have it, my mother-in law, who is also an artist decided to bring me in on an art show.  I wan't sure I was going to be able to pull myself together to make it happen but here we are a week out and the prints are done and they are being framed as we speak.  And when will this magic occur?  The night before I am to have major surgery, the culmination of all my health issues being resolved the morning after.  The surgeon even said I could have a drink at my art show.  I dare not push the envelope and am very happy to have the opportunity to show my work and my vision!

  Come see me at Ballard Works in Seattle, April 20th from 6-9pm.  

Marsh, A photography collection

A couple of days ago I went to a new place to take pictures in my neighborhood.  It was a brooding day full of dark clouds.  I like these kind of days for photography because you get the best pictures of clouds.  Clouds express such a great dramatic element to any photograph.  But clouds were not the only element of drama that day...

 As I was wandering the pathways of Scriber Lake Park in Lynnwood I couldn't help but feel that something ominous had happened there.  There was a black trash bag lying in the middle of the grass, a random sock hanging near the marsh, and other strange things lying about.  I made sure that even thought I had my iPod playing in my ears that the volume was low enough for me to pay attention to my surroundings.  My instincts were on alert as I took pictures of the strange marshland.  It was hard to get past the barrier of water logged trees and plants to see what may lie beyond.  A private and protected feeling of the deeper sanctum of the marsh.  I only hoped it was protecting the birds and animals and not hiding something from being seen.  Strange that I would feel that way there as I often wander forests and woodlands on my own.  

A collection created in my gallery from this visit.  All photos similarly developed to add consistency of style and feel.   Using Lightroom and a filter called X Pro II with a gradient filter to strongly polarize the sky.  

Playing Around in Adobe Photoshop on a Friday Night

I am in a learning glut.  I really can't get enough.  You could say I'm obsessed but that would mean that I have no life.  I mean staying up until 11 every night to play around and creating is a healthy undertaking right?  I'm so grateful to skillshare for all the great classes.   I'm having a great time and I get to make cool stuff like this:

From my original photographic image: