My creations are inspired by the magic infused in nature.  Whether that is a beautiful tree or a powerful crow flying over my head I choose to capture those moments on film.  Being in nature is very nourishing and I like to get lost for hours at a time.  Oftentimes I like to sit in a quiet place and watch the leaves dance.  

I am a self taught photographer and editor.  I use both a Nikon SLR camera and my iPhone 6.  I then import them all into Adobe Lightroom, sorting them and then bringing them into Adobe Photoshop to edit them further.  I really enjoy the photo editing process as I get to re-explore the material and play with colors and designs. 

In addition to my photography I also create digital pieces of art.  I often start with my iPad Pro and pencil in Adobe Draw and then work on the pieces further in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. This too is a self taught process.   I am always trying to learn more about the programs that I use.  I take classes and explore as much of the program as I can understand.

The process of creating art is inspired by my inner world.    In contrast to photography, creating art in a very internal process.  I believe that by doing both photography and art my creative muscles stay balanced.  It gives me more places to explore.

Every day I work at my art and photography.  It brings me back to center.  In my 'normal' life I am a healer and my art and photography are very closely woven to this gift.  

My goals in the coming year include applying for art shows, getting more visibility and sales on my different product sites, finding new ways to share my vision, and also create an art book or two.

Thank you for taking the time to explore this world with me.  If you have any inquires, please send me an email!  


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